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How we think about OCS


Student needs should be at the center of decision-making. We believe in young people and their ability to engage in a comprehensive curriculum, including ideas that they find challenging. We value access to information as essential for our students to learn, grow, think critically, and succeed. 



Learning communities should welcome and serve all families. Communication and community engagement from the district are critical, including meeting people where they are to understand the needs of the wide variety of Orange County Schools (OCS) families.  Our public schools are a first line of defense in our society’s safety net, and when we are serving and supporting families, students are better equipped to learn and thrive. 



Teachers are essential workers, and to the best of the district’s ability, should be compensated as truly essential. Their voices are also essential when it comes to understanding what they need. Even as the state creates challenge after challenge to fairly compensate and value teachers, we support creative solutions to attract and retain the highest quality educators in the state. 


Support Staff and Administrators

Custodial staff, nurses, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, guidance counselors, front desk greeters, and more - are all critical to the success of our students. They allow us to get to work on time, they make sure our children are nourished with food and emotional support, and they tend to them when they are injured or sick. They deserve support and compensation that matches their importance to our school communities.

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